Ok so I know this is not very relevant but I kind of want to give my opinion on abortion. The lady in the photo is my aunt Susan (my dad’s sister) & the man is my uncle Joe (her husband). When my dad was 18 my aunt was diagnosed with leukemia (I’m not sure how old she was though). So she fought the cancer & ended up going into remission. Normal after you have chemo you are not able to have children. Somehow my aunt ended up pregnant though. She was still in remission from the cancer. They said that she could either keep the baby & possibly die or she could terminate the pregnancy & live. She chose to go forward with the pregnancy. She died shortly after the birth of my cousin Adam. She gave her own life up because she cared more about the life in her stomach (btw the child in the photo is not my cousin idk who it is though). This may sound dumb but she has inspired me to speak out against abortion. No matter what a child should have a right to live. Abortion is the worst kind of child abuse. I do not mean any disrespect to girls who have had abortions. If you are a teenager I understand being afraid but it was your choice to have sex underage without being married. Please don’t make the baby suffer because you made a mistake. Adoption is here for a reason. It’s kind of crazy how in society it is okay to kill unborn babies but it is not okay for people of the same sex to get married. Imagine what that child could do one day. I know this sounds far out there but if that child had a chance to live for all we know it could cure cancer. Also, think of the people who can’t have children but have been trying so hard to have a baby. If you aren’t able to keep your child imagine the smile on their faces when they get to hold that baby for the first time. Everyone should have a right to live. I just think I should speak for the little mouths who can’t speak.

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